How far has the Eni investigation spread?

In September 2014 Eni SpA filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission a 6-K disclosing “alleged international corruption” related to the acquisition Block OPL 245 Nigeria.

This filing contained Eni’s first disclosure of potential FCPA-related violations.

Eni’s disclosure filed earlier this month reveals how the FCPA-related investigation has expanded over the past three years.

2014 Disclosure:

  • 0 subsidiaries named
  • 1 country involved
  • 3 government agencies involved
  • 1 industry involved

2017 Disclosure:

  • 5 named subsidiaries
  • 5 named countries involved
  • 6 government agencies involved
  • 2 industries involved

This is a small sample of the information Eni disclosed this month in the 2,700 words about their FCPA-related investigation.

The original 2014 disclosure was 247 words.

To view Eni’s latest disclosure, click here.

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