FCPA enforcement over? Look at this data before you decide

Since the beginning of this year, nine new FCPA-related investigations have been disclosed by companies and government agencies.

Looking at these nine investigations on FCPA Tracker Screener, we learn:

  • The investigations are spread across 8 different industries
  • The investigations involve 5 different named countries in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Africa, and Asia
  • All but 2 of these investigation have been updated since the original disclosure earlier in the year
  • All of the 9 investigations are currently open and active

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All entries on FCPA Tracker are based on disclosures in SEC filings, other company statements, and agency releases, where available. FCPA-related disclosures do not follow a standard format. FCPA Tracker utilizes only primary documents and does not rely on media or press reports. Learn more here

Research for this post was conducted using FCPA Tracker Screener, a powerful research and analysis tool available to all FCPA Tracker users.